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Love a Cake with a story...

I recently had the honour of making a cake for a 70th wedding anniversary! I wouldn’t imagine many people make this milestone in married life. Met with a lovely lady, the coupleS daughter to discuss her requirements. She bought along a picture from the wedding day...

They got married just after the war in 1949. The daughter wanted the cake to reflect her mums wedding outfit.... fine I thought and then she started to describe her outfit. Her mums dress was a mushroomy pink, she wore a pink veil, brown shoes with a bright orange heel, gloves with pearls on and a corsage of rusty orange chrysanthemums. I could not picture all of these colours on one cake but we came up with a design and in the end I really liked it and she was over the moon.

she drove the cake all the way to Wales and her parents loved it when there is a story and history behind a cake!

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